​​​​​Cowichan Valley Counselling​

Your mental health is worth taking care of.  Like the roots of a tree, your emotional wellness helps you stay grounded through the normal challenges, and transitions of life.  Nurturing your mental health involves meeting your psychological needs, being in supportive relationships and asking for extra help when you are struggling.  I am here to provide you with that extra hand when you need it most.

​Regain Hope

About Cowichan Valley Counselling

My philosophy has grown out of personal life experiences and transitions.  I believe that we all desire and are capable of personal growth, change, and new understandings.  We achieve that growth through inner reflection, facing the pain or obstacles, and accepting the present in a supportive environment. 

You can find that supportive environment at Cowichan Valley Counselling.  ​


My philosophy

It is easy to lose hope when you wake up to the same struggles every day.  You might avoid asking for help because you're afraid of being a burden, feeling blamed, or thought of as a failure or even "crazy".  After trying for so long to cope on your own, feelings of isolation and helplessness can start to set in.  The reality is you're not alone. 

Counselling helps people with emotional distress, relationship conflict, and other normal life challenges in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental way.  Reaching out is the first step to regaining hope. 


Mental Health and Wellness