Services Offered

​​​​​Cowichan Valley Counselling​

* Transitions In Life

    - Transitions in life can be exciting but they can also be frightening or overwhelming.  Changing schools or careers, moving homes, becoming a parent, entering or ending a relationship, retiring - transitions can seem endless.  They also challenge our sense of identity, provide opportunity for growth, can bring grief and worry as well as give us chances to build stronger support systems.  Let's explore the impacts your transitions are having on you.

* Grief & Loss

    - We will all experience loss during our lives.  Losses can come in the form of the death of a loved one or they can be less tangible, like the loss of hopes and dreams or the loss of an identity.  The emotions that rise up are unique to each of us.  Through counselling we can explore your distinct internal responses to sort out your experience and help you heal.

* Control Anxiety & Stress

    - It is understandable and normal that when we experience stress we want to overcome it as fast as possible. This may mean we reach for distractions like drugs or alcohol, immerse ourselves into or avoid our work, avoid important relationships or try and find new ones.  Knowing what is causing your stress and anxiety is not necessary initially.  Perhaps it feels like it is deeply buried.  Either way, talking will help.  I can guide you in learning some effective tools that will help you cope and overcome it more quickly. 

* Depression

    - Depression can enter into your life and effect your level of energy, pleasure, and hope.  Counselling can bring you new coping skills, understandings about unconscious habits, patterns, or life circumstances that will help relieve and prevent the effects of depression from taking over your life.  You can make these lasting changes.  Let's meet and talk about how to take those first steps together.


    - Our experience of relationship starts at birth.  We begin the pattern with our parents or significant caregivers.  It is human nature to then use those skills and behaviours to develop our relationships to our siblings and relatives, branching out to friends, schoolmates, partners, coworkers and others as we get older.  Sometimes, those skills and behaviours may leave us wanting more from our relationships.  If individually or together with your partner you are ready to explore, understand and build new relationship skills, let's get started together.

*Moving Past Trauma

    - Trauma can be caused by emotional, physical or sexualized violence, abuse, or any life threatening experience. Afterwards you might be constantly on guard, numb, angry, or suffer from nightmares and flashbacks.  Feelings of shame, sadness, guilt, loss of power and control, and self blame are also common.  I can help you regain your sense of safety, feelings of empowerment, and peace of mind by carefully working through these issues at your own pace.  We can share this safe space together while you gain control of your life.